Sarah Dia Rue


Sarah Dia Rue is a Singer, Pianist and Composer. Her sound combines classical/ jazz piano with electronic music, and her thoughtful lyricism is the icing on the cake.

Her latest release, the SAY WHAT EP, features Producer / Sarah's fiance, Justin King, Grammy Nominated Musicians George "Spanky" McCurdy, Nicholas Semrad, and Philly's own Yesseh Furaha Ali. 

Sarah is currently writing a series of solo piano compositions and a full-length album set to be released in 2024. She is proud to announce that it will be her first self-produced project. 

When she's not working on her solo music, Sarah co-leads the duo, Twin Sines, with Justin. They are currently producing a second album, entitled "II". 

When she's not working on her solo music or co-leading Twin Sines, Sarah explores her love of the visual arts. She also works as a Writer, Videographer and Director. 

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Comfort Through Your Bedroom Window EP

Sarah Dia Rue's debut release (2021). The EP continues to receive airplay on nationally recognized radio station, WXPN. 


The 2022 single ushers in an evolution of her sound. In 2023, a stripped-down live version of “Pejorative” is released. 

say what ep

The Say What EP (2023) showcases two singles: "SAY" and “WHAT.” The project features an all-star lineup, including Producer Justin King, Grammy Nominated Musicians George "Spanky" McCurdy, Nicholas Semrad, and Philly's own Yesseh Furaha Ali.



25 O'clock podcast

"It was an absolute blast to talk with Sarah Dia Rue on this week's episode. If you've heard her music, or the music she makes in her other band, Twin Sines, you'd assume she's been playing music since she was a child, it's just so natural coming out of her. But as we talk, you'll learn that her devotion to music as a lifestyle and career came much later than you'd think. As she puts it, it takes a lot of courage and guts to be a musician. We talk about her going back to school for music, several years of non-stop gigs, how the pandemic helped her get serious about making her own music. It's a great talk, I got inspired, you'll all get inspired, it's an inspiring episode."

~Dan Drago, Host (25 O'Clock Podcast)

checking in with Philly's own twin sines

December 17, 2021

"The process of making MAN DOWN was emotional! We came out of the gate with a heavy album (at a heavy time during lockdown). I was processing so much of the past and present, so it was mental health mayhem at times. Today, I’m in a much more peaceful place. Getting MAN DOWN out of my system contributed to that positive shift."

~Sarah Dia Rue for Positive Publicity 

WXPN LOCal pick

august 10, 2022

"Ethereal pop duo @twinsines have a new live version of their album 'MAN UP' coming out; we'll dig into it with "Get On Your Knees," recorded at @worldcafelive."

~Mike Vasilikos, WXPN

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